Relaxed Friendly Atmosphere.

Spartans gym is a place where anyone can come to train,no matter what fitness level you are at to begin with. You will find people who are just starting out on their fitness journey, and others who are seasoned athletes in a variety of fields.

At Spartans you will find top quality equipment, tried and tested and designed to have you working hard. Our gym equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK by Powerfabrications who have been making british made equipment since 1994, our kit is the same  equipment used by Dorian Yates Mr. Olympia six consecutive times winner!!

A selection of kettlebells. Going up to 40kgs

Cardio section

Sled run

Spartans Gym offers all you could want to build and maintain a strong athletic physique.

Merchandise and Supplements.

We sell top quality supplements by Time4 Nutrition competing with internet prices, and a small range of clothing including hoodies and vests with our trademark Lift In Hell, and the deadlifting Spartan.


ISO Lateral plate-loaded equipment

We over 40 pieces of ISO Lateral plate-loaded equipment some of the industry’s most advanced strength-training technologies. This equipment explores the ergonomic advantages of using converging and diverging arcs of motion. This means you get the power to build a world class physique for any endeavour.

Huge Range Of Free Weights

A huge range of free weight dumb bells up to 8OKGs which can satisfy all of our Spartans.

Strong Man Equipment

Spartans Gym Southampton prides itself on being a gym that supports those dedicated to strong man training with an vast array of equipment such as logs, atlas stones, farmers walk, a monster dumbell and much more available to all our members.

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